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The Blessed Sacrament Catholic Primary School

  • with Jesus we love, learn and grow
  • with God anything is possible
  • you are precious in my eyes
  • nurture, service, welcome

Building Learning Power





At The Blessed Sacrament we believe that a teacher’s job is to be a facilitator to learning.  We believe that teachers can lead others’ learning, by seeing themselves as learning coaches rather than merely purveyors of knowledge.

We also believe that children can learn to be better learners.  One of our core aims is to  help children understand their own learning behaviours and build better learning attitudes.  We do this through the Building Learning Power Project.

We focus on the core learning habits of: collaboration, perseverance, questioning, revising, imagining, listening & empathy, managing distractions, making connections.

In the infant classes, each of the learning habits is linked with an animal.

Learning Habits Animal Association
Collaboration Bees
Perseverance Tortoise
Questioning Cat
Listening & Empathy  Dog
Imagining Unicorn
Making Connections Spider
Managing Distractions Ants
Revising Chameleon

Below is the collaboration video the juniors produced for our 'Questioning' focus.