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The Blessed Sacrament Catholic Primary School

  • with Jesus we love, learn and grow
  • with God anything is possible
  • you are precious in my eyes
  • nurture, service, welcome

Our Parents & Carers

Parents are overwhelmingly positive about all aspects of the school’s work. Typical comments from parents highlight this in our past surveys: 

‘Dedication to children cannot be taught; it comes from within and it’s something that I see in every member of staff.’ (Parental survey - November 2015)

'The success of any school is dependent upon the quality and dedication of the staff.  This school scores 10/10 since the staff working here are, in my opinion, seconf to none.' (Parental Survey - March 2016)

The teacher knows my child well, and is aware of her personaility and strengths.' (Parental Survey - March 2016)

The Headteacher is very child focused and is always trying to make things better'. (Parental Survey - March 2016)

'I am very impressed with my daughter's progress since she joined school - especially with letters and sounds.' (Parental Survey - November 2016).

'My child raves about school.' (Parental Survey - November 2016)

'The school has really improved in the last 2 years.' (Parental Survey 2016)

However, we know we don't always get things 100% right and if parents have concerns or suggestions for improvement, please contact your child's teacher.

If parents are not fully satisfied with the class teacher's reposnses or practise, please contact the school office to make an appointment with:

  • Miss Barlow for SEND concerns
  • Mrs Ibison for EYFS or KS1 concerns
  • Mrs A Morris (KS2 concerns)

If parents are still unsatisfied, please see our complaints procedure below.  The Chair of Governros (Helen Lynch) can also be contacted: